Old man’s pace

How can we get emotionally attached to the feeling of being old?

‘Old man’s pace’ is a re-enactment walk through the footsteps on an old man.
For 100 meters, I followed an old man, in Madrid. Noting his behaviour meanwhile.

I invite the visitor to walk according to the old man's pace, footsteps and actions.
Communicated via a headphone that is connected to a walking stick.

The city of Madrid is a playground of old people. They wander around the streets, meeting each other at the bar around the corner, or observing the younger generation passing by whilst sitting on a bench. The slow rhythm in which they experience their surroundings is built upon pattern and habits. This methodical routine influences the pace of Madrid. It’s their energy that I was fascinated by.
I observed the movements, positions and behaviour of the elderly in search of an understanding of the process of aging. Because no matter what age we are, we all know how it is to be younger: but we struggle to imagine what it is like to be older.

Audio fragment

Re-enactment impression

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