1. Rotterdam 2019 - 2022  
Ongoing exploration of my fascination for beads

2. DEN HAAG 2019   for Prodemos
Stem Voor Tegen
A concept for an alternative voting system 

3. EINDHOVEN 2019   
I want One
Exploring the feelings that you get when holding a baby

4. MADRID 2018
Old man’s pace
How can we get emotionally attached to the feeling of being old?

5. MADRID 2017

Methodology for capturing human behaviour


Oh so Solo
Embracing womanhood

7. ATHENS 2016

Graffiti wreath
Fascinated by Athens


Oh so Solo

Sex with yourself is often quick and efficient. While sex with your partner mostly gets valued when it’s passionate and intense. With this suit I want to create more dignity for self-sex. It emphasises the normality of masturbation for women.

(In-)conspicuous openings are giving easy access to the body. The shoulder bands can be used to put tension on the crotch, which gives a pleasurable experience when moving the shoulders. While moving, you can get aroused. It works just like foreplay but with yourself.

This work is a constructive approach to the taboo I felt surrounding female masturbation.

Exhibition MU, Eindhoven
'For Play, Shaping sexuality'

VPRO Dorst episode
'Dagelijke Dosis Design'


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