1. ROTTERDAM 2019 - 2023  
Ongoing exploration of my fascination for beads

2. DEN HAAG 2019   for Prodemos
Stem Voor Tegen
A concept for an alternative voting system 

3. EINDHOVEN 2019   
I want One
Exploring the feelings that you get when holding a baby

4. MADRID 2018
Old man’s pace
How can we get emotionally attached to the feeling of being old?

5. MADRID 2017

Methodology for capturing human behaviour


Oh so Solo
Embracing womanhood

7. ATHENS 2016

Graffiti wreath
Fascinated by Athens



Movie ‘Life in still life’

The sunlight in Madrid is so bright that it spotlights the whole city.
Reflective surfaces like windows, billboards and doors become a framework for human behaviour on the streets.
I was drawn into atmospheres of little streets where activity became a scene.

The method carries out indirect contact that unfolds an 'unnoticeable' position as a spectator of reality.
If the subject would see me filming, they were never sure if I filmed them or (the inside of) the surface.

People appear sometimes as ghosts, positioned and submissive in the cityscape they created themselves.

Besides, reflection is never one hundred percent clear like a mirror. There remains always a mystery that fantasy will fill in.

Booklet ‘Reflective City’

Booklets’ individual spreads

Map ‘Reflective City’

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