1. Rotterdam 2019 - 2022  
Ongoing exploration of my fascination for beads

2. DEN HAAG 2019   for Prodemos
Stem Voor Tegen
A concept for an alternative voting system 

3. EINDHOVEN 2019   
I want One
Exploring the feelings that you get when holding a baby

4. MADRID 2018
Old man’s pace
How can we get emotionally attached to the feeling of being old?

5. MADRID 2017

Methodology for capturing human behaviour


Oh so Solo
Embracing womanhood

7. ATHENS 2016

Graffiti wreath
Fascinated by Athens


Graffiti wreath

If you have been to Athens, than you have probably seen the laurel wreaths in several souvenir shops. In history, the Greeks used a laurel wreath as a gift of victory, for instance in athletics or poetry. I combined this historical symbol with a contemporary view on Athens, which is graffiti. Graffiti is everywhere in the city and it’s used to express the feeling & thoughts of the citizens in Athens. I collected the graffiti from the crumbling walls in Athens and made them into the leaves of a laurel. The wreath of graffiti symbolises the power of the population.

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