1. DEN HAAG 2019    for Prodemos
Stem Voor Tegen
A concept for an alternative voting system 
Graduation Project
2. EINDHOVEN 2019   
I want One
Exploring the feelings that you get when holding a baby

3. MADRID 2018
Old man’s pace
How can we get emotionally attached to the feeling of being old?

4. MADRID 2017

Methodology for capturing human behaviour


Oh so Solo
Embracing womanhood

6. ATHENS 2016

Graffiti wreath
Fascinated by Athens

7. ATHENS 2016

Graphic DNA
A proposal for a new CV template to strive for equal employment opportunities


About Maud

sensitive scenario shaper
applicable concepts / products

I want to use my creativity to inspire people to search for their inner motivation.

So that that power, creates positive connection amongst other humans.

Because I believe that all pain derives from disconnection.

That’s why I make educational tools, that activate the user to reflect, dream and desire.

For museums, organizations and autonomous experts that have a great eye for the wellbeing of humanity.

© Maud van der Linden